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Looking to buy small forums (mybb).
Looking to buy small/medium sized MyBB forums. I have a budget of around $150 thought I won't be wanting to spend all of it. Please post the URL to your site you wouldn't mind selling, and a negotiable price next to it. I'd also like you to say what kind of site it is, like coding, admin, market, blackhat etc.


Subject: My subject is...
Rough price: $10+ etc

Thank you <3.
#2 <-- How much you would like to give ?
Not that small, I'd want a decent post count that's all really. I don't really care about the amount of members.

Thanks for the offer anyway.
Anyone else?
I have no price in mind, just offer.
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
(2011-05-04, 10:27 PM)Solidus Wrote:
I have no price in mind, just offer.

Very interested. I really suck at offering though... but meh.

I'll offer $50 to start off Smile
This is still going.
Are you interested in an gaming domain?
No, the forums need to be established with content. I'm not looking to just buy domains.

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