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MyBBCore - Free MyBB Resources
[Image: logo.png]

MyBBCore is a brand new forum, dedicated to provide free MyBB resouces, we have a dedicated team, which offers, free themes, plugins and other graphics for you to use.

We're open to feedback and suggestions for the site, so any feedback will be accepted, bad or good.

Here are some of the projects we are working on:

Easy Usergroups, Allows users to create and manage own usergroups from their CP.

Donation/Subscribing, supports payments via PayPal, users will be added to an optional usergroup, users can be removed after x time or stay there permanent.

DarkGreen, currently done, a green gaming theme for MyBB.

DarkGloss, completed, a set of dark rank images.

If you want to see more, visit out site by clicking the link below.

[Image: 15q54zd.png]
Nice! You're theme could use a little work but a great start!
Im done with this crap. Bye
Thank you, we are testing our PayPal plugin, it will probably be released tonight. You should come check it out.
[Image: 15q54zd.png]
Theme looks really good. Good luck with the site.
Thanks, we are doing our best.
[Image: 15q54zd.png]
Website looks professional. Theme is simple, yet elegant.

Plugins seem to lack innovation. Nonetheless, if they are improvements to what already exists, then you're on your way!

Good Luck.
The domain is for sale. PM me.

Learn more about me at
Me on Twitter | linkedin
Logo needs more work.
Look like professional quality best work!
We are working hard on getting more themes made. We currently have three theme and working hard on more of them. Be sure to keep your eyes on MyBBCore for more themes Smile.
My Site - Support For My Themes
If you would like a Custom MyBB Theme PM me Smile.

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