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[For 1.8] Related Threads - display similar threads on new topic (AJAX)
This plugin checks to see if there are already similar threads when we write new topic (using AJAX).
If yes, we can simply check them.

Admin can configure:
  • Additional (X)HTML code before related threads list (in global template)
  • Fulltext / LIKE search mode
  • Minimum length of phrase
  • Open links on new / the same window or tab
  • Excluded forums
  • Excluded words
  •  Search on the same forum
  • Max search threads age
  • Display forum info
  • Delay from press last key to search
  • Change all plugin templates    

Download from plugins database:

Issues / proposals on GitHub:

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Great idea. Will prevent a lot of double posts Wink
I saw something similar on vB forum.

This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
i tested this in my forum but i cannot get this working..

Does this plugin need something like mybb editor?
This should be very useful Smile Could you elaborate a bit on how much extra load that would cause on a large forum?
[Image: newsig2.jpg]
We use this on polish MyBB support (~61.000 posts, ~12.000 threads) and there aren't any problems with server load. When you use fulltext mode, queries are very fast.

I checked this - plugin was installed and activated correctly on your forum, but there is a problem with you javascript files: firebug informs about 5 errors.
there was a 1.4* plugin with similar function but without this "filter" to exclude private forums.

Thanks, useful feature Smile
Great plugin, thanks a lot!

One thing: I have upgraded to the latest 1.1 version, but when I check for "Plugin Updates" in my AdminCP, it still says that I need to upgrade to 1.1. Anything I can do to clear this?

Version 1.2:
- Add loading indicator option
- Add option to search in the same forum
- Add option to get forum data
- Move link data to templates
- Move additional code to templates

Now it should be ok.
Thanks for the update.

I upgraded my plugin by deactivating, then re-uploading all the files, then re-activating plugin. The plugin now does not seem to work. Nothing is displayed on New Thread when I start typing in similar thread names. The old version worked fine, and I made no changes to the settings.

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