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The Gothic Writers Guild Forums - Artists of all genres invited
Welcome to The Gothic Guilds Forums.

Our forums have been erected as an add on to the Gothic Writers Guilds network of sites.

Whether it is Photography, Drawing, Poetry, Story Writing, Novelists, Vocalists, Musicians…

The list goes on.

The Gothic Guild assists in revelations for our artists to portray and their creative, artistic freedoms seldom available freely, for “Alternative Artists” on the world wide web.

Our Artists have access to; The Gothic Writers Guild Forums, to which we hope to see flourishing with wonders of artistic aesthetics, and will assist our Artists in their journeys of self discovery, in many different area’s of their choosing.

The Gothic Guild itself will remain a home for our Artists selected, written, Photographed, Sketches amongst other treasured works (All written work is also audio enabled). And The Gothic Guilds wordpress blog has become the home for the; Music, and Video sections of the Guild. Come one, come all, meet us at the Gothic Guilds Forum
If it is free advertising your after, try our “Reciprocal Links” site.

We hope to make registration at the Gothic Guild forum less painful and well worth the effort, here are a few registration tips.

Some registration tips.

Registration requires a 9 digit/numerical complex password (must also include a capital letter).

Email (50 points for verification of email address, no activation by admin without email verification) and admin Activation are required.

Until admin activates, you will not have access to anything.

Please be patient, as we are trying to provide a safe and secure forum for our artists.

We look forward to your art and your "mature" participation at the guild.

Ok, nice idea. Seems like a niche as I've never seen a forum like this before.

However, that theme isn't great. The blue t_cat doesn't match the site at all. Also you have far too many sub forums. Consider hiding some from the public (making general "poetry", "stories" etc...) then making them avaiable when needed (at which point you can move the threads to the new forums).

Also, a lot of your sub forums are empty! I know it's hard to begin with, but get some content. Maybe buy a posting package (check Requests/Service/Jobs forum here at as they're fairly cheap for a few hundred posts Big Grin

I can't really see the copyright notices for MyBB and the theme without highlighting them, you might want to fix that.

Also, not enough content and members.
No PM support
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