Not Solved Index Page, Stop going to last post.
Not Solved

The template I am using now, "Apart Leaf" is not made for 1.6, but it still runs fine.

The only issue I have right now is when you click on the Last Post on the right it goes to

Is there anyway that I can remove the end bit?

The reason I am doing so is because the breadcrumbs and the title are not showing when that last part it on.
Hidden Title and Breadcrumbs
Shown Title and Breadcrumbs

If anyone knows a way to fix it without having to mod mybb that would be excellent.
Not Solved
Anyone have any idea about this? It would be great if you could help.
Not Solved
I don't really see any difference between the two pages to be honest.
Not Solved
You won't now because I just fixed it.
Thanks for your time.

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