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[Tutorial] 10 Steps for Achieving the Maximum Possible Speed for Your MyBB Forum!
yes I would prefer that because if you combine it or not, your still going to download the same amount in one visit. Unless you compress the combined file & enable caching for it.
Thanks! These all worked great for my new gaming forum. Smile
[Image: GpMplayconnecSQt.gif]
I didn't read the other responses, but about the first post:
- minify CSS won't safe 1% on it's total size (GZiped) so it's about useless
- CDN will slow down a well done site, because establishing the conection to another server takes longer than that it takes to download a file thru the already open conection to your server. CDN is usefull if you're hosting a lot of images that you show within posts.

Important improvements you've missed:
- use sprites (combine all posible images in a single image). You can't use well repeating backgrounds in sprites, better inline them in the css using a data uri.
- configure your server to remove etags
- configure your server so images won't experire untill after a year. CSS and JS shouldn't expire during at least a weak.
- use cron jobs and remove the image task.php from the footer
- upload a favicon.ico to the domain root.

The first recomendation (sprites + data-uri), combined with joined javascripts and css files, implies that only 4 files have to be downloaded the first time a user visits your site (1 html/php + 1 js + 1cs + 1 png).
The server optimization asures that the browser won't check for updated scripts/images. That way it will only ask for a single file for every page it loads.
Thanks for the tips, Patrick.

I've found that using a CDN is a good idea, especially if you distribute the images and static content throughout 3-4 different subdomains. e.g img1, img2, img3. I know it increases the DNS lookups, but it also allows you to simultaneously download the images from multiple host names which ultimately decreases load time.

Perhaps this tool can be used for sprites? http://csssprites.com/ I think it's a bit complicated to implement it though, no?

What about:

Also, maybe, removing buttons for css buttons maybe a good idea.
Removing buttons for css buttons?

Spriteme looks pretty awesome. Thanks for that!
CSS Buttons:
- anchor that displays inline-block and has a background image (like my 1st site)
- anchor that displays inline-block, uses rounded corners, a background, posible an overlay icon, etc. (like my 2nd site).

Using a background image, you can use sprites, so you reduce the amount of files needed. Using CSS3, you can create gradients, corners, and mucho more so you don't even need a sprite (unless you display an icon).
(2011-10-06, 02:43 PM)patrick Wrote: (unless you display an icon).

Just my case, haha.

I need a div plus a anchor to display a background color and a icon (from css sprites) in my buttons...
You can do that without a div, using a selector (:before or :after)
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Thanks for your article
Step 5: Change your mybb_sessions table to a HEAP. (MEMORY)
my data base :
mybb_sessions 758,772 MyISAM utf8_general_ci 202.4 MiB 516 B
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How to reduce weight and record?

Memory error in a given case. It is filled with content
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