Regarding the MyBB Copyright/"Powered by"
Update: MyBB is now licensed under the GNU/GPL license and the follow post does not apply to forums running MyBB 1.4.2 or higher. Please refer to this for more details:


This is just a small reminder regarding the MyBB copyright statement placed at the bottom of all forums.

MyBB is a copyrighted product produced and copyrighted to the MyBB Group. MyBB should be treated like any other piece of copyrighted material. You are bound by the MyBB End User License Agreement (EULA) in regards to what you can and cannot do.

You may not remove the MyBB copyright and powered by lines placed anywhere throughout the script of the MyBB templates. It must be clearly visible at the bottom of the board.

At a minimum, the copyright must read:

"Powered by MyBB. Copyright © 2008 MyBB Group"

Users who remove or hide the copyright and powered notices will face full prosecution under copyright law. Do not think you are safe, it is easy for us to establish boards running MyBB without the copyright in place.

When we establish that the copyright or powered by lines are missing, the administrator of the site is contacted with a cease and desist notice asking that the copyright be put back in place or MyBB be removed from their server. From this time, the user has 72 hours (3 days) to comply with our requests. After an additional 4 days (making it a week), the host of the site is contacted asking the forceful removal of MyBB from their servers. Failure for a web host or the site administrator to comply within this time will result in the MyBB Group being legally assisted to prosecute the site administrator.

Today, 30 sites were contacted in regards to their removal or modification of the MyBB copyright, prompting this issue to be bought to our attention.

Please make sure you adhere to the MyBB license at all times.

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