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Not Solved Merging threads from a spreadsheet
Not Solved
thank you very much!
Not Solved
I managed to fix the incorrect replies problem.
I had tried:
UPDATE `mybb_threads` SET `replies`="0" WHERE `replies`="1"
that worked but then after I did a recount it screwed up again. I hadn't formatted the `firstpost` values correctly, fixed that and it was all good

Still haven't fixed the formatting of the imported posts themselves . . . going through 3500 of them manually . . . open edit save, open edit save, open edit save . . . should only take a few days :-)

cheers for the help getting it this far!
Not Solved
Yeah, sorry I can't help further... except to give some advice.

You could run a simple script to use ereg_replace() on all the posts and this replace the Office newline character with a proper newline.
Not Solved
Hmmm, that might be a bit beyond me, my php isn't that great (yet!) and with the different newlines . . . but I'll look into it

Thanks again for your help.
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