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Request - Elite Ladders-MyBB Integration
I'm looking for someone to help fully integrate Elite Ladders ( with my forum. Please PM me and we can work out a price.

I forgot to include that the Elite Ladders script is open, they (Elite Ladders group) are willing to support a MyBB bridge, and that whoever codes the MyBB bridge could then sell it to others on their forum.

Your forum is not MyBB but vB.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
(2011-05-13, 04:25 PM)Darth Stabro Wrote: Your forum is not MyBB but vB.

My forum 42Kmi ( is MyBB.

(2011-05-13, 04:45 PM)Shukaku Wrote: Doesn't exist.

I know a MyBB-Elite Ladders bridge doesn't exist. That's why I posted a request for someone to make one. Payment included.
The ")" gets included in the link in OP. That makes a 404 error. Just leave a gap between link and ")".
One thing we're lacking here at mybb is bridges. I honestly can't even think of someone to contact who could maybe help with the mybb half at least.

Actually, try Lennart at He made the drupal bridge.
Hello, we just purchased Elite Ladders, and unfortunetly it really sucks, and everything works using IDs,. you can even print a list of teams, to search for a team (for example to edit one) you have a field where you enter the ID (not even a search) of the team. No such thing as "Show teams", ....

It's like if 3 highschool students started coding an end of the year project and failed, and decided to sell it on the net.

Then the themes, are very poorly coded. Get ready to bust your brain to modify stuff.

They will not let you remove there branding and the will give you no refund, period.

So my suggestion to everyone is to save your money. $179 is AN ABUSE for this crappy script.

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