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PS is hiring
Forum Name: Promotion Stadium
Positions Available:
2x promoter - need to promote our site on other sites
2 reviewer - needs to complete reviews
1x packager - need to complete packages

You will be paid forum cash.

Lots of forum cash
Custom rank
Access to staff room
Extra PM space
All services free
and much more...

Link to forum:

If you are interested, PM me your past experience using the following template:

Select all
    [b]Past experience on that job:[/b]
    [b]Other experiences:[/b]
    [b]Forum you currently work at:[/b]
    [b]How many hours can you spend on our forum per week?[/b]
    [b]How many packages or reviews can you do per week?[/b]
    [b]Any other information:[/b]
Sent you a PM.
Anyone else???
Anyone else?
Lets stop bumping anyone???
Stop spamming, people have seen it they just don't want to. I suggest, getting a new design to your site! if you need a theme ask me.
Quote:Rules for advertisers:
You may only make one thread per offering or request
You may only bump any of your threads a maximum of three (3) times, after which your thread will be locked
You must explain yourself as clearly as possible; any attempt to be deceptive will result in immediate removal of your thread and the possibility of further consequences.
You are only permitted to post one link in your thread, you may also link to a page listing further terms and conditions of your offer but this cannot be substituted for a second link. You may post links in replies but only if they are used to clarify in direct response to a question.
If you make any changes to your product or request, you must outline your changes either in a new reply or in a note at the bottom of your description
You must follow through and be honest with any deals you enter into
Any websites involved must meet the support eligibility requirements

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