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MyBB Forum: Hardware Insights
(2011-05-18, 01:20 AM)Civil Engineer Wrote:
(2011-05-18, 01:07 AM)shovenose Wrote: Does my site look reasonable well integrated?

No. The forum looks like a completely seperate site.

You should only have one kind of header and navigation bar, rather than two throughout the site. Only then will your site look properly integrated with your forum.

What do you mean?
And how would I accomplish that?
(2011-05-18, 01:29 AM)shovenose Wrote: What do you mean?
And how would I accomplish that?

By customizing the forum theme through css and template edits.. i.e. have someone else do it for you or spend alot of time learning how to do it yourself. <-- all of which should of been done well before showcasing your site
Themefreak - High Quality Premium Themes
Well, I would like to learn how to do it. Any good and easy to follow guides on it?
Any news on how to do that?
Thank you!
Any other feedback?
Status Update:
Our members have made a total of 1,309 posts in 209 threads.
We currently have 59 members registered.

Anything else to say about the site? I have tweaked a few things and I hope that has made it better.

Also, does anybody know how to make the links on the main page that say Forums Articles Network Equipment Power Supplies, etc, bold?

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