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Worldwide Soldiers - Multi Gaming Community
Hello all,

Worldwide Soldiers is an multi gaming community!
The forum has made from mybb and the theme also, but de banner above the forum is made by me and still under construction!

Wish you all good luck and please post comments on my site.

Worldwide Soldiers Forum
[Image: PM8RRQ7.png]
Why do you have that top black column with the scrolling Announcement and those links there? Why not just have the toplinks on the theme so it's less childish? Just my opinion.

Anyway, I really dislike transparent themes, but it's sort of original I suppose. Normally I advise against making a "Gaming related" website but it looks as if you have your own sever, so if that gets popular your site won't do bad.
thank you, yes i have my own servers, well im not so good scripter for website's it was just a try!
[Image: PM8RRQ7.png]

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