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Group Ranks 1.3 (Animated & Non-animated)
They are awesome!! really!! really!!

I am also going to work on some and release some, Anyways it was great

I am Indian also Big Grin

Thanks Big Grin
Thanks a lot!
Good Job!
I will use sure!
Gonna developing a site ..
wathced the images and thinking that i would use it on my site ...
any one else is using over its site...???
You can Download These Images in Persian Languages, Here!
I translated to Persian This package (Animated & Non-animated)

[Image: rewi.png]

For Download Them, Please Click Here

No PSD? I don't use those colors for those groups and it's hard to edit the colors when there not a PSD.
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My mods Clicky!
Group Ranks 1.3 is the most beautiful!
I'll have to admit, I may prefer these over 1.2 for my projects in the future.
I fold for team 52482. Do you fold?
Thanks for the contribution, will use this!  Smile

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