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Multiple Usergroups
Will the next big version of MyBB support multiple usergroups for one user?
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
How dare you spoil one of my top secret features Wink

I'm part of the way through with implementing it as well as over hauling the permissions system..
Way to go DennisTT.

However, Chirs, could you explain to me how this would work, eg: How can you be a moderator and admin at same time??
You can't be an Administrator and a moderator at the same time - well actually you can because an Administrator is actually a super moderator too.

When a user is apart of multiple groups, the permissions are determined on an inheritance scheme where a yes permission will always override a no permission, and a greater permission will override a smaller permission. (Essentially, a Yes > No anyway).

For example..

Say you had two usergroups.
- A group called 'Registered' where users could not use avatars.
- A group called 'Can use avatars' where use could use avatars.

If the member was a member of only the first group, they wouldn't be able to use avatars. If a user was a member of the second group they would be able to use avatars. If the user was a member of both groups, then even though one group says "no you can't use avatars", the second group would override that decision and say "yes you can use avatars."

Alot of thought went in to the system, on how and why a yes should be more powerful than a no. There are disadvantages of having it each way, however in a forum system it makes it alot easier if you want to allow certain features for groups further on in the chain but disallow them up higher.

A similar method is also used to determine forum permissions. They work sort of similar to the old system where the permissions are inherited down the chain from a parent forum or from the usergroup if no permissions are set, but once a user becomes apart of multiple groups it becomes tedious and once again we cycle through the groups the user is a member of, with the forum permissions for that group and do the same inheritance system of Yes > No.

The next version should also have a "publically joinable" groups feature where users can opt to join certain groups which the Administrator defines as "joinable". Once a member of this group, users can optionally set it as their "display" group meaning the board will then use that group to generate their user title as, and stars.

Furthermore, there are also "group leaders" who can manage the users in these publically joinable groups. A group can be set to "moderate new join requests" at the discretion of the Administrator and any new users wishing to join this group must be moderated by a group leader before they are listed in this group. Group leaders will also be able to effectively "kick" users from a group too.

The publically joinable groups feature will be essentially useful for places like clans or game forums where users can become part of a team.

The whole system is fairly complex but allows a great deal of flexibility.

Thats just a brief outline, and at the moment all thats done is the forum permissions and usergroup permissions with a side of the joinable feature.

Hope that helps,
very much thank you. Looking forward to Gold.

We should have a big party of some kind to celebrate, perhaps baloon images up the top of these forums in the header image Smile And make a promotion page on the myBB site with the graphics (buttons and banners) so we can get more people to use myBB. Who knows. You might get a best BB award soon Big Grin

Also will a spell check be available in a future release or has this still not been decided??

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