Not Solved Adding jQuery Nivo Slider to the forum page
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[Image: sliderhelp.png]

I have jSnippets installed,
from the same devs that created the theme.

Now i would like to add a fancy Nivo Slider up there; i just have no idea how to implement it into myBB.

Im happy about any help;
thanks in advance! <- Forum adress
why does none know how that works?? also dont find anything on google about that - strange
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Thank you for using The Cure Smile. Currently, jSnippets is not supported very much since we are working on a new, easier to use release. However, if you upload the JS for nivoslider into jSnippets, then make sure it is being used on The Cure, it should work fine. Make sure that you have copied any necessary CSS into the global.css (or create your own CSS file if you desire).

Other than that, I am sure that the Nivo Slider documentation can walk you through the rest (you'll want to edit the header template for your HTML, or your index if you only want it on the index page -- which probably makes more sense). You will probably have to enable the slider which you can do by doing something like this:

    $(window).load(function() {



Good luck with it, and let me know if I can help any more.

[Image: premium_mybb_themes-500x100.png]
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Thank you very much for replying.
My problem is i have no clue where i have to add what; im not a expert (now) Toungue
Where do i need to add the HTML code so that it appears like in the picture?
And how do i add a HTML code to an .php file anyway?
I added "jquery.nivo.slider.js" and "jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js" to jSnippets,
but what now?
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I have tried it but its impossible because all I see is the white space even though I replace the pictures, nothing shows up except white space.

And as for your problem, you need to edit the header file since you are putting it above the content.

ACP >>> Templates & Style > Templates > Your Template > Header:

Find this:
<div id="content">

Above that, is where you code belongs including the html. So if you wanna add the html code then just add it above that content line.

Also: Instead of downloading the files, there is an online tutorial which doesn't require downloading:
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Ok - we are getting there...
Thank you very much dreamer;
i see that problem now.
Check out the current state
The CSS also broke the theme....
However i think something isnt linked together right,
there must be as solution to this.

This is the "style.css"
as it is right now:
Maybe something is wrong there?

In the "global.css" i pasted:
<script type="text/javascript">
	$(window).load(function() {
	$('#slider').nivoSlider(): ;

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