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Not Solved IPB 2.3 to myBB : reversed chronological order of threads
Not Solved
I've tried the conversion on localhost with the change in threads.php as kretol suggested (post #5).
Now I got correct ordered threads - but the converted threads are in less number (may be 1/4th)
i.e. IPB database has more than 2000 threads AND converted myBB has about 540 threads ...

what could be the fault at my end ..
Not Solved
So originally the amount was fine with the order being off, and now the order is fine with the amount being off?
Not Solved
^ threads amount was almost correct when my web host did the conversion online (live site)

to test the threads order, I changed 'DESC' to 'ASC' in threads.php AND tried the conversion
on my computer (local host - XAMPP server) . now this consists of less number of threads Sad

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