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(2011-05-30, 07:20 PM)Aries-Belgium Wrote: Are you doing this on another website than Because I don't see any changes you made Smile

If you PM me logins for an admin account I will see if I can fix it for you.

This is on, and it's in threads.. I'm applying any html changes via MyAdvertisements.
I'll have you help me then Smile
By the way, I've been emailing the Project Wonderful staff and they said that it's a table with an image. They're taking a look at the code now.
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Okay, the first problem was, was that I was looking at the wrong ad Toungue
I wrapped the div#pw_adbox_... with a div with the class "adbox" (see post above for the css) but with a 100% width and it works now.
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Alright, Aries-Belgium got it sorted out. I added a div clear class to make the navigation class go around the ad.

By the way, the email from the PW team said to do this:
Quote:There are a lot of nesting with the divs, so it's hard to see exactly which CSS statements would apply. The tech was able to get it centered in chrome, though, by adding a quick table around the div as follows:

<center><table><tr><td><div id="adbox code"></div></td></tr></table></center>

They also said that the ad couldn't display multiple times without an identifier, which can't be done on a dynamic page. They said they'd be working on that issue Smile
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Happy to hear it is solve now Smile (, right? xD)

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