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Man Utd Forum
Seriously offsite SEO is bullshit? Are you having a laugh? Offsite SEO is what makes sites, good inbound links for your keywords are vitally important for rankings early on (and keeping rankings further down the line), If you can get a good few PR links inbound to your site in can help no end.

I've got the time, that's why in the previous post I've stated what's coming Smile, Content is on it's way.
Content and backlinks (i agree there) are the main properties of SEO success. But those backlinks are going to help eggplant all if you have nothing there to point them to (content), so why pay for this "SEO Offsite" stuff when you have nothing to point it to yet? Toungue

But good news with the content, you should be filling the site up with transfer rumors, United player news, and all that stuff. Not hard to find, and if you're a passionate football fan it should be a pleasure to do.
It will be easy as I am very passionate about football, thanks for the constructive criticism, all taken on board! Keep an eye out in a couple of weeks Smile.
(2011-06-03, 02:38 AM)enhu Wrote: its still a bit empty. you coould join postloop to fill your forum somehow to make it attractive to new visitors

Postloop is great. I got 6 ratings and had a 5/5 and the admin banned me. Fail, make sure you are VEEERRRYYY accurate when you rate people, the admin is a d**k.

Nice forum Big Grin

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