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Need custom header and footer to match WordPress Site
Hi. I'm a Word Press designer and have a client wanting me to create a forum that matches seamlessly with the blog design I've made for them. I'm sure if I worked on it long enough, I could figure out how to get the header and footer for the forum to match the site, but quite honestly, I've already put far too many hours into this job.

So, I'm looking for someone that can make the heading and footer look & act like the heading & footer here:

I'll go in and change the board colors to match myself and can edit the template with the correct links once I get them set up on the site - I basically just need the framework.

As I've said, I've put far too many hours into this job for it to be profitable, so my budget is small but I can pay a little something. Thanks in advance.
If you design for WP, you'll find designing for MyBB really easy. All you need to do is install MyBB, go to the ACP->Templates and Style. Create a new theme and enter the CSS rules you need for the header/footer. Then, create a new templateset and edit the header and footer templates.

It's much easier than dealing with the WP theme system. Just saying Wink If I ha more free time, I'd try help you out, but I don't.
I can do this for $25
Im done with this crap. Bye
I can anything you like coding wise. If your interested, drop me a PM.

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