how can i male- have the mail server set up
how can i male- have the mail server set up ?
beacause he dont send to my email the activation code
I have the same problem..
Can you please create a new PHP file with the following content:

$to = '[email protected]';

if(mail($to, 'Testing mail', 'This is a mailing test to see if PHP mail works.'))
     echo 'Mail was sent by PHP';
     echo 'PHP could not send the mail';
Replace [email protected] with your own email address, upload the file to your webspace and open it with your browser. Do you get a mail after that?
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it says ; Mail was sent by PHP so it should work. Im 100% sure I provided the correct emailadress and im already waiting for it about 30mins. I also tested to send a email from another emailadress to the one I gave when registering and that worked...
At gmail it goes automaticly to the spambox, I think the same happens to the other emailadress the server will catch it as spam...

I can manually accept the adress but all people who register must do the same so thats no option, how can i best proceed?

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