Is there a way/plugin, for users to have mini sites/pages? Where in the UserCP, there would be a link that would say 'Create your Userpage!"

And the user can add HTML to it, design it, and when it's done, another user would see like a link under the user's name saying "View (Users) Userpage!"

Any idea?
No, there isn't that I know of. It shouldn't be too hard, though there would be obvious security concerns if a user can create their own page with HTML (and therefore javascript) as they could easily add an iframe to a virus download or some-such potentially harmful object.
Correction, we are gonna bb-code, but this is a toontown fansite, and we have userpage moderators that will moderate it.

Is it possible you can create a plugin, or something that will allow this? We are all really into wanting this, as alot of toontown fansites with different software do have userpages, and I was wanting it for MyBB.
I'll maybe look into it after I finish MyVids as it shouldn't take too long. Do you need it done soon or not? Because it could take a while for me to get round to it.
It would be nice to have it done soon, but if your willing to put your time into this, I am willing to be patient. Wink

If you can, could you create permissions in the plugin, like after installing the plugin, you could, when editing the Admin group for example, 3 options such as (Can Create userpages, Can Edit Userpages, Can Moderate Userpages)

It'd be good so I can allow the registered users group to create and edit them, and have the moderators, moderate them.
I just started work on this today while I had a spare minute. It's nearly all done apart from the Mod CP modules. Here's some screenshots of what's there so far. (note that there is a video there - the screenshot tool just didn't capture it >.<)
This is all, what I need from years. Smile I have one request. Userpagepage should be shown at users profile, below the contact details, just like in a IPB, not in a other site.

Thanks for this nice plugin. Can I request for an option -
An option, if checked by the administrator should allow a link (similar to that provided for a forum) on the home page of the forum (better still as per choice of the administrator), the posts of which should be the un-editable (except through the User CP) personal page of all users.
In other words, an additional forum which is view only be created automatically and filled with personal pages of all current users.
Thanks in advance,
ok but what will be the url to view that userpage? forum/usercp.php ? or something else can u tell me plz
^ admin's (with user id = 1) user page --> forum/member.php?action=profile&uid=1&area=userpage

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