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SetUpWithUs - The #1 setup community!
Hello Guests and Users of MyBB Community! As you can probably guess we're a setting up service that offers the best support and set ups for free and paying members.

Well I'm introducing the forum and the community since we are a new community and probably will become a very good community that offers the best support for setting up, we set up anything that is not an illegal/nulled program.

How did you get the domain ""
Well really it's quite a funny story, I was so bored of making random domains and then shutting it down the next day or selling them, and I was asking around for suggestions and ideas and then one of my friends Crayo (which is owner of the successful marketforums)said you must be passionate about it and then I thought long and hard and I thought a set up website.

Why did you want to make a set up forum?
Well I've not seen a lot of these around that just specifies in set up services and support so I thought I'll be one of the few if not thousands of people that offer this type of website, the main idea was bring in a few dollars from my other sites but then I thought I want a long term project so I decided to make this.

Are you free?
At the current moment we're offering cheap and quick services at a cheap price of 50cents, it's pretty simple to request, check out for future updates, and for "VIP members" we give them a limit of 5 free setups per a week, you can probably get a free set up service from out community, you can try and get one by posting HERE.

What do I expect SetUpWithUs to become?
I expect it become one of the most know communities out there, but I understand that'll take work and I'm ready for dedication, other then that I hope it becomes a very nice community that cares about each other and does not flame.

Can we help you?
Yes you can, at the moment I'm currently setting up a PayPal service that gives you a limit of donating for a special service called "VIP membership", more information will be mentioned on the donate page once activated, you'll get loads of new features and I mentioned 5 free setups per a week, there'll also be a option to donate without buying VIP and that'll help us even more.

Thanks for reading,

Your tabs are not working properly.. most likely you're missing a </div> somewhere
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I think it's because he's set the permissions wrong...

Speak to me on MSN Laughy when you're on.
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No it's because on the forumbit_depth1_cat template, there's a missing </div> end tag.

The services somewhat resembles mine.
Nevermind, it still has some differences. Good luck.

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