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Paid To Help Make Forums
Okay I'm starting up a company where me and a team will make a forum, make it good, make it have a lot of posts and then sell it on and everyone gets a cut!

I need:
Poster x2
Designer(custom theme)x1

Posters get paid per post and they get different rates per post depending on how much the forum is sold for.

The admins and co-owner get 15% each.
Designer gets 15%
Then the posters will get around 5% each
20% goes into the next forum. Domain, etc.

Current Team:
StevenF50- Founder & Owner
Cody- Co-Owner
AssignmentA- Administrator
Da Gamer-Poster
Decent concept but I don't see it going anywhere...
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Forum flipping is a big market you know. Plus I've had one person interested in buying and we've only just started our first project.
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Even if it did get successful, you could probably only sell your forum for ~1,000$, and 15% (for admin) = 150$, so small compared to all the hard work and time you would've spent into it.

You might find that most of the team hardly earn ANYTHING and 150$ is a lot to some of the team. Anyway the more money we make, the more I invest, the more we sell for.
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Posters = 5%.

Okay.. that's just whack. Posters will probably do most of the activity while the admins sit down and watch as the posters post... posters should get 20% AT LEAST for their hard work... how would you feel posting several times a day on a forum and then in the end only getting 30% of what the admin gets....

Actually the admins have posted about 10x more.
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1,000+ posts?

No. About 200 posts when the posters made about 20. Anyway think about this:
We do more posts than the posters.
We do the plugins.
Install the themes
Organize everything
Add some big features that will help with sale.

Admins do deserve more pay. Anyway the 5% each was an estimate it all depends on how many posts they make.
Still open? If so, PM me details

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