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Trade: Forum Posting - MyBB Theme Design
I have just had a baby girl so I have no spare funds to buy myself some themes so I thought I would offer a trade.

I used to do paid forum posting over at DigitalPoint, and I used to get quite a lot of money from doing it. However the market is now rammed with low-cost, workers.

So I thought I would offer my quality forum posting servicve in return for MyBB themes.

So my offer:

My - Forum Posting on your MyBB forum.
Your - Custom MyBB theme, for several projects I had planned.

Check my iTrader out, if you have doubt;

So designers that need POSTS PM me and we can talk business.

This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Mmm, I'm going to open a forum later in the future.. How many posts / basic custom theme? I'm not that good, but I can certainly customize.

I've PM'ed you, mate.

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