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What would you pay for!
I've done it several times before.
If i was a crazy pokemon fan and wanted my own site I would surely pay $150+ for this.. the theme alone is worth $100+ in my opinion
Thanks civil!.
I personally think this site will have limited success because I'm not familar with many people who still enjoy a game/show that is 10+ years old. Its a very small market imo
They just released Pokemon Black and white which was a top 10 game this year, Pokemon is still popular. And because Black and white is partially new, is fairly easy to advertise and get members.
You're mistaken. Millions of people play Pokémon games, watch the anime and read the manga.

It is actually a very wide market, and quite a competitive one.
Yeah Pokemon is very big, but the reason why i'm thinking of selling this site is because I have new Ideas and I need money to fund it!

Their are many ups to buying this site!
Not more than 100$. you will get much better offers if the site is active with more number of members and post.

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