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Slogan idea [10$+]

I need slogan ideas for

It's a forum hosting site so you can come up with something related to that. Send the suggestions ONLY in PM. If I find a good slogan idea I will reply and pay you (PayPal). You can send as many suggestions as you wish.

It should be short but creative. If it's really good I may pay much more for it.

Best regards,

P.S.: You can be assured that I'm not going to use any slogan without rewarding the author.
Can you give an example of a slogan, I'm very creative and I will actually give you several slogans plus a logo with it and other cool things to advertise your slogan.
Sent you some. Toungue

Will keep thinking of more slogans...
Faviouz could you give me a sample of one of your slogans so I know what to do here!

-I won't steal any of yours if you PM me one to me.
Sorry, but no.

Just look at and think of a nice, short and creative description.
So is like a short quote!
@faviouz Thank you! I liked them but I need something short and still creative. I saved them though.

@Mr.tnr Forum hosting made simple (however this is very basic). You don't have to do banners or logo because I will ask my designer to create them.
The first one I sent is relatively short. Do you want something even shorter or? Smile
Suggestions sent. Let me know.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Sent some suggestions. Let me know.

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