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Trading skills
This is my new, Idea and I'm looking for people to help me make it, I'm looking for the following.
-A good designer
-A coder
-A webmaster with overall knowledge of forums
-A promoter

and much more.

“Trading skills”
What it is: An online forum to trade your skills for those of others. Instead of paying for services, you simply swap your own.
How it works: Need something done? Post a help wanted ad, together with a list of your own skills and examples of your work, or you can go further into details and actually ask someone to complete something for you in return of something with your skills that the other person wants. For example, if you are a designer but can’t code you could swap your skills with a person who can code, and he/she will code for you and you design for them, but in bigger projects such as creating a website or maybe drawing a book illustration people can help each other, is not only for online graphics or online help but real life market. At the start it will be free, but if the site gets big and the idea is liked, popular swappers or idea/skill traders can put a price on their skills, this is why I’m looking of a team with a certain skill, so they can moderate that category and they will eventually make money but not from me but members.
Why it’s hot: There are thousands of highly-skilled designers, developers, writers, illustrators, musicians and other talented folk littered across the web. But right now, there’s no good way to connect them. Provided you offer a way to mediate any disputes, and ensure that trades are fair and backed by guarantee, a skill trading site could be big business! Basically we connect the best people with the worst or good people and this is where money comes in.
Where the money is: Charge monthly fees, or a smaller fee per swap request. Or simply charge for hopeful applicants to get contact info. But not at the start.

Please don't abuse or steal my idea, you may not use this. Big Grin

I don't understand the logic in this. Why would I want to go through your "proposed" business to get something done for me, that I (or anyone else) couldn't now do through a little research?

I guess I'm lost at your thoughts that I could "swap" something with someone else.....I just don't see the point or need of this!
Its a free service. Typically you would pay someone to code a theme for you. However with this site you can bargain with someone and offer something like: "I'll make 100 posts on your forum if you code this design for me"
This has already been done multiple times.
(2011-06-09, 02:34 PM)pyridine Wrote: This has already been done multiple times.
Which site has done this before, I have other project Ideas my goal is to create a successful new site.
Overall I love this idea! I might even join once it's ready and will bargain a little. Hope the site will be successful. Smile
Thanks EPM, this idea is getting many positive comments! that is a good thing, would you like to trade something with me! You said something about getting my members to move to your site, I will use my connections to give you members and not charge you any money, however in return I will need your help getting my theme sold.

-See how it works! In the future members will be able to put a price on their skills!
Yeah! The deal is on. I'll help in anyway. Smile Again good luck with selling your theme and your new project.
Thanks so much, I need to find other people who like my project.

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