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Just looking at my forum and a member say's he cannot see anything when he posts. I can see his posts but when I look it's greyed out.

Any help here please?

Thanks Smile
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Do you have him on mod preview?

Thanks for the reply. Im pretty new to mybb. Just come off phpbb. Where do I find the mod preview?
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In the Admin CP, go to "Manage Forums" and then click "Edit" on the forum this problem occurs in. Make sure the Moderation Option: "Moderate New Posts" is set to "No", and the Moderate New Threads is set to "No".

If they were set to "Yes", then go to:
Moderation Queue: "Threads and Posts" and activate all of them.

Thanks for the quick response! Support sure is great here!

Problem has been solved. Thanks for your help and time Smile.
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No problem. Make sure to check all your forums in case they have the settings like the first had.
Yeh, Im checking them all now.

Thanks Smile
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