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Very cheap! "Website Attention Grabbers"! PRO: Graphic Templates
Do you need more members to visit your site, do you advertise a lot but you simply don't get enough members to join your site? Have you tried to use an attention grabber!? probably not! an attention grabber online is an advertising template that uses advanced graphic skills to grab the attention of the person looking at it, usually professional designers will ask 50 USD or more for an advertising template, what If I told you that I create attention grabbers for as low as 1 USD, yes you heard correctly! An attention grabbers requires a lot of free time and designing skills as well as a creative mind, usually they take 1-5 hours to make, but even though I create them for as low as 1 USD!

Attention grabber examples


I did that for a site known as "Pokemon lite", if you would like one for your site use the rubric. Also know that I will design something that fits your site, this templates are used to advertise anywhere and they usually grab the attention of people, each template will be unique.

-Small Size (1 USD) 640 x 480
-Medium Size (2 USD 800 x 600
-Large Size (3 USD) 1024 x 768
-Extra large (4 USD) 1280 x 1024
-Biggest size possibe (5 USD) 1600 x 1200
-Custom size (5 USD) Any size

(If you don't know what words (text) you want on your advertising template, for 1 USD we will review your site and create an original unique text to your advertising template that is sure to grab your attention.

Good offers

- Get two medium size for the prize of one.
- Get 1 large size and a small size for only 4 USD.
- Get a custom size and a small size for 4 USD.
- 3d effect, and High quality for 1 extra USD.

So these can be posted in advertising sites instead of using text?
Yeah, that's correct! and the good thing about this is that it will attract more members and will give your forum or site a professional look.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I may be interested in this.

Thanks Mr.E , If I make at least 100 dollars with this I will donate some money to Mybb.

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