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[Only 10$!] Custom Theme (Simple)
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Since I want to learn how to continue to make and design themes, I am offering a 10$ service for a custom theme.

Please note that it's probably only going to be something simple, nothing too fancy or advanced like the "real deal" designers (E.g., Jordan Lovelle, Jessie S., Justin S., Audentio, etc.)

If you are interested, please PM me for further details.

Some info:

- I request payment first. This is non negotiable as I am in need of the money.
- The theme will most likely take 1-3 days to complete (considering it's summer over here and I have a lot of time.)
- Don't expect something great.

I created the SunTide theme which took me only 1 hour of work, and I wasn't even focused.

That's my only portfolio, but some background about me:

- I've been using myBB for about 2 years now, I'm pretty familiar with the core settings.
- I can customize to an extent; I always toy around with my themes to produce something more majestic, so I can deliver some of that and put it in your theme.

Again, if you are interested, please contact me via PM!


can you do above template for me?

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