Monthly Post Count Counter?
I'm not sure if something like this is even possible or exists already so forgive my ignorance. But I plan on putting members of my forum into a raffle at the end of each month if they maintain a certain post count for that month (say 10 or 15 posts).

It would be nice to have these users listed somewhere when they meet the quota so I can easily see who to put in my raffle at the end of the month. Is this possible?

You mean to see which user has achieved the required post count for each month ?
You could try this:
Although this is for displaying top posters.
I would like to see something like this too could put it to some use
We have a plugin at ModMyBB which does this, called My User Statistics.

It creates an extra section in the admin control panel where the monthly statistics can be seen. These are automatically reset every month (to keep the database clean), but this also can be disabled and manually run whenever wanted.

Page hits, new threads, new replies, edits, thread views and logins are all tracked by this plugin.

Note, the plugin only starts tracking statistics once it has been enabled, so you won't be able to go back in time. This is to avoid slowing down your servers and to keep the performance stable. 

For contest purposes, I would recommend to disable the automatic task in the admin panel, which will clear the data every month - and run it manually once your contest is over every month. That way you can clear the statistics whenever you want and don't have to worry about losing these.

Download now
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Let me know if you still have any questions Smile 

[Image: myuserstats_10.jpg]
Note: this image displays the top 10 users, but this can be changed to top 15, 20 users or as many as you'd like at any time in the plugin settings Smile
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