How to integrate mybb into website

I have just installed mybb and I would like to know how I can integrate the forum into my website, I currently have a .htm file, but it also can be converted to .php. I could go with a inline frame but I was hoping there would be another option...

Ps. Im a php noob, so please explain in 'noob' language Wink

Thanks in advance
Well how do you want to integrate it.

Take my website for example:

I have MyBB "integrated" into every webpage in the "Latest News" box, which is an iframe linking to the php script news.php

You can click the links to see different sets of 5, all of which are pulled from the MyBB database, so it all really depends on what you want.
at the moment i cannot view your site due to your serverload beiing to high, but i rather not use a inline frame, cant i insert the php code which shows the forum into my current website?

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