Is MyBB secure?
This hacker (or script kiddie) keeps getting my moderator's passwords and wreaking havoc on my forum. He also can take down VBulletin sites and re-direct them to shock images. Is MyBB 1.1.3 secure? Thanks, he's threatening to take my site down.
Hes probably using PHP exploits rather than exploits in the Bulliten Board software, considering he can hack VBulletin and MyBB, but if you post a link to your board (or pm a staff member) we can take a look at it.

Also, can you post your raw Access logs?
Hmm, this was back a week or two ago (It turns out the S-Mod's password was "ffffff")

The server load was at 10+ for three weeks prior to the attack; could it be some sort of brute force?

As for the raw access logs, where might I find those? I'll try and post up if I can get em! Big Grin

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