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Not Solved [General] smilies error
Not Solved
Hello! if i add more smilies, the smilies overlaps the text area in the reply.
How do I overcome with this error?
And How do I configure scroll the smilies instead of get more option?
Im currently using the cure theme.
Not Solved
Not Solved
I did it. But same error. Sad
Hey when i use your fb open graph meta tags plugin and test it in url linter i got following error.
Exception You failed to provide a valid list of administrators. You need to supply the administrators using either a "fb:app_id" meta tag or a "fb:admins" meta tag to specify a comma-delimited list of Facebook users.
And followin warning.
Not CSV The fb:admins field should be a comma delimited list of Facebook profile IDs (with some whitespace around if you want), i.e. it should match /^\s*[0-9]+(\s*,\s*[0-9]+)*\s*$/. You wrote ""

Please help me to solve this too.
Not Solved
For the smiley problem, can you provide the URL to your website + a test account please?

For the Facebook Open Graph Meta tags, you'll need to enter a valid profile or appid. It seems you entered a url to your profile. To get your profile ID, check these instructions and if you want to use an appid, follow these instructions. You only need to give in one, so either a profile id or an appid. Both needs to be a number only.

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