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Not Solved [How To?] How to change the background?
Not Solved
Hello there,

I recently installed MyBB platform on my localhost, because I've chosen as a finally version for my future forum, and I'd like to get deeper inside of the code, in order to get the fully advantage of the features.

One of the themes, that went straight to my likings, was Block & Blue and I would like to change the background on it.

I've done the following, as I am a bit familiar with the codes of PHP, and I tracked down inside of the global.css the class named #body and there is the following line: #fff url(images/blockblue/background.gif).

I've added inside of the folder, the image I've chosen as background, and I modified that line, in order to save the change. Though, the background remains the same, as originally.

My questions is: What I am doing wrong?

Hopefully, you'll be able to help me. Cheers! Blush
Not Solved
obvious question : have you refreshed the page ? (CTRL + F5 key OR SHIFT + F5 key)
Not Solved
Can you post the code you have for the body class in global.css and that way can see if there is anything wrong in the code.
Go to edit your global.css and used advanced edit is easiest way to copy the code.
also a url would be useful so we can see the actual site.

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