Default Introduction Message
Hello everyone, this MyCode is a pretty random one but I thought it might become some use so I'll release it, so let me explain what it is. It is a MyCode when once activated by saying [new] a default/planned introduction message will be provided to users that cannot be asked to write a long introduction and want to get their first post, thought it'll be useful somehow.


Introduction Message

Short Description:
Bored of typing a long introduction thread? Just want that first post? Use this!

Regular Expression:

Hello and I am new here and I just wanted to introduce myself to the community and I hope to become a very active member of the community in the future.


How to use:
Go into a thread/post and then post the following:


The most random one I've ever thought of but might be useful somehow Smile
But a new member would not know of the mycode?
(2011-06-19, 05:05 PM)StevenF50 Wrote: But a new member would not know of the mycode?

Exactly. Seems pretty useless. I originally thought you meant it was a MyCode to use when replying to an introduction so you don't have to type out the welcome message all the time. Even that's a bad idea IMO.
As stated, it's only a MyCode, nothing special. Smile
Diane, this is now the place to post this. And your link will not open!
I'd imagine you could use this with DefaultEditor. A MyCode isn't really needed, but oh well.

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