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Not Solved How to modify loginconvert.php to use it with joomla password
Not Solved
Hi everybody,
I'm working on a kunena 1.6 to Mybb 1.6.3 merge system, but i'm not such a good coder.
I hope someone here can help me extending loginconvert.php plugin in order to use it also with joomla passwords.
This is a little piece of code illustrating how joomla passwords (kunena uses joomla passwords) are generated:

PHP Code:
//--your unencrypted password goes here-->
$password 'mypassword';
//generate salt----------------------------------->
for ($i=0$i<=32$i++) {
$salt .= $d chr(rand(65,90)) : chr(rand(48,57));
//end generate salt--------------------------------|

//hash password with salt-->
$hashed md5($password $salt);

//here is your new encrypted password, ready to store in the database table,  `jos_users`
$encrypted $hashed ':' $salt;

//So now if you "UPDATE `#__users` SET `password`='$encrypted' WHERE `email`='$email';"
//You can change your password.. 

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advanceShy

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