Starred Usernames?
Just a quick question...what does it mean when there is an asterisk after a username:

e.g., devnet*

Just curious...I don't use BB software a ton so I may not be 'up on the lingo' or features of BBs.

Thanks much,

It means that they are online, but are "hidden" from regular users. The staff can still see them on the "Who's Online" section.
ahhh... i c. Cool. Incognito.
Otherwise known as an invisible user Smile
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
invisible...hidden...same difference :p
hidden is cooler...makes them seem shifty. Makes me think my board is 733t
I think invisible is cooler since then you feel like an superhero..
Okey this is getting dumb :p
muhahah.. Toungue
what the hek, they just wont appear on the who's online list, but you can still see, 1 user if offlineToungue so they are not hidden or invisible 100% Toungue they just wont appear on the who's online

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