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Not Solved How to stop multiple rep?
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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.

Somehow one of my members is able to give multiple rep to the same user even if i didn't enable that, how do I stop this:

Allow Multiple Reputation is set on "NO".

[Image: 002_Y1VCEDKBNE7KGTM.jpg]

But he can still give multiple reputation:

[Image: 001_Y1VCEDKBNE7KGTM.jpg]
<snip - image too large>
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you remove on delete? somebody help you fix, you have conflict something plugin?
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I think you missed this note on the settings page, Allow Multiple Reputation setting:

Quote:Note: Does not effect "Post" reputation

Meaning that even though you set multiple reps to NO, that setting does not apply to the reps a user gets from the posts, as long as they are different posts, the rating is added regardless of that setting.

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