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Post Exchange
I want to do a post exchange. I own several forums and this is how I get my forums successful starting out. It works man. Really works.

Please PM me your forum and I will register. I will do the same. I will give you my user name on your forum and post as many QUALITY post as you want for the same in return.

Anyone is welcome to do this. The more the better.

I work from home and can handle any amount of posts. Come on lets grow our forums.
Hey! Is this offer still open? I have a general chat forum and we talk about all kinds of stuff. Especially love talking about TV, movies, etc.

What kind of forums do you have? If you have a family friendly forum (not adult), I would be happy to exchange posts with you.

To exchange posts, please just join my forum and then post your forum link in your signature and I will reciprocate posts with you for as long as you want, all day if need be.

I'm trying to grow my forum too. For awhile we were very busy but our core members are slacking off now.

If you could come by occasionally and post new discussions and then follow up with them, that would be great and I will do the same for you. There were two links on your profile page, one leading to an admin forum and another for a gun forum. I'm really good at SEO/Webmaster/Admin talk. So if you need help there, I'm your gal.

As for the gun forum, I could try. I don't know much about guns, but I would do my best if that's where you really need help. Anyway, think about it.

If you join, include your forum link in your signature and when I see that I will know you want to exchange posts.

My forum link is:
You can see me on the forum under user name Beverly Johnson, admin.

Beverly Johnson

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