Few Questions
Hi guys,

Just a few questions I have with MyBB Software. Hoping you can help me!

1) How can I change the text of the Registration Agreement (the part that the user must click I Agree before they choose a name, password ect)

2) Is there any Mod that allows Moderators to ban members? I don't really like the idea of giving Mods access to Users and Groups via Admin Permissions...

3) Is there a set template anywhere to add additional pages (this is probably very unclear). Basically, I want to add a page of links to my forum, and I want to keep the actual format of the forum document, but not to have any of the forums appearing; just text that i add to the page.

Thanks in advance!
1) You can change the text in the language file member.lang.php

2) As far as I know there's no mod for that purpose atm.

3) Take a look at this tutorial: http://community.mybboard.net/showthread.php?tid=6615
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