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Theme Request (Will Pay)
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could create a theme just for my forum:

The name of the forum is RuneScape Grounds - The Underground RuneScape.
Now the reason it's "underground" is because it's sort of like a market place of real world trading for the game itself.

Now what I need is a theme. A theme that really shows it's a marketplace for the game RuneScape. I was wondering if anyone could make a theme that has elements from the two sites:

I don't literally mean take their theme lol, but I mean make one that has the same vibe that you can feel from going to there Wink

The two links above are just examples of the theme I would like.

I am also looking for a banner that says:
then somewhere under it: "The Underground RuneScape: Buy - Sell - Trade - Dominate!

In total for the theme and the banner, I'm willing to pay the designer $15 via paypal after the work has been done Wink

Now if the price doesn't work for you or if it's to high (Hopefully) lol, we can compromise but only by a little more.

If you would like to take this challenge, simply PM me here with one of your theme works and if you have, banner works.

Bump Wink
Is anyone willing to do this? Smile
[Image: banner.png]

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