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[Theme] Admin Stop Final
willow Wrote:perhaps change

"$lang->welcome_back (<a href="$settings[bburl]/usercp.php"><strong>$lang->welcome_usercp</strong></a>$admincplink"

to this

"$lang->welcome_back (<a href="$settings[bburl]/usercp.php"><strong>$lang->welcome_usercp</strong>$admincplink</a>"

no harm in trying.

It doesn't make sense put a link inside a link. The way that Ryan posted should work fine.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
yer i wasnt sure about it, what could be going wrong then?
some people have been removing the copyright from the bottem of the page, please read the licence on the first post!

Licence: Do not remove the copyright at the bottem of the page.
sorry to triple post but just letting you know the demo link is back up.
Very Nice
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Is the answer yes?
Well Checkout
How can you add stuff to the Top Nav-Bar when it's in this new Format?

And, how do you make your own Drop-Down Menu on the Nav-Bar? I took notice that the User CP was a Drop-Down menu. So, I'm just wondering.

Thank you.

-Dark CMX
-President of Metal MP3's Inc.
It kind of reminds me of WHT in a way.

Good job, I like the simplicity and earth colors.

Proud user of MyBB since April 2005!
9 installations to-date!

** A special thank-you to ANY and ALL of the MyBB developers for their hard work! **
The reason why is because they're opporating on vBulletin. This Theme is somewhat based off of vBulletin. Thank you.

-Dark CMX
-President of Metal MP3's Inc.
this site is purley made off mybb, not vb Wink
Notice: I have updated the lisence agreement, please view the first post.
Allow this theme on

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