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[Theme] Admin Stop Final
The Admin Stop Theme Download has been removed, and it is advised that this download be removed from any other site it is available on.

The reason is that the download contained whole files from MyBB.

This is an infringment on the MyBB License Agreement, and anyone who has this download on their site is liable to be hit with Copyright Infringment.

Redistribution of MyBB Files (whole or in part) in not allowed.

Thank You, the download will be re-applied when this is fixed.
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Confused, have you removed every other theme from the mybb site? how are people supposed to use any theme if this is the case?
No, I only remove those which contain whole MyBB Files.

If you'd have read your License Agreement, you would know that redistributing MyBB, in whole or in part, is a violation of your License Agreement.

This can be found in several places, including the install script you used to install MyBB.

It is also located in the Documentation folder of the zip file from which you downloaded off this site.
Do NOT PM me for Support!
willow Wrote:did you upload the index file?

o darn no is there any way that i can get the theme now?
[Image: jag100sigaf5.jpg]
[Image: poptartFINALTINY.gif]
awell, what can you do Big Grin, just means no one else can get the file just yet.
ok i have fixed the skin, should be fine now.
oh by the way, the sponcers section may not work, you will have to edit your index page to make it work im afraid.
Will this theme be updated to work with 1.2?
at the moment no it wont be updated, as i may be moving to smf very soon, but you never no, i may in the future
well, in the gallery section, nothing seperates each category, the backround is one big box, perhaps adding some light lines much like you have done to the forum?

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