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Not Solved [Theme] Admin Stop Final
Not Solved
Good job with the theme, it looks excellent
Not Solved
I would like to see it updated to 1.2 as I'm planning a new look for one of my sites which would have had this theme, but I'm also updating to 1.2. I would do it myself but I have no experience doing MyBB themes. Oh well, I suppose I could try.
Not Solved
yes, it is virtualy impossible to convert to 1.2 as my staff have ditched me and they are the ones who coded it, and they have blocked all contact to them from me for reasons unkown as they are friends, so mybb making a 1.2 version has killed the future for admin stop, thanks to all who enjoyed it for the 1.x series, and i think its safe to say that thit theme has been the most popular on mybb with 462 downloads

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