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Hello everyone, I decided to use MyBB for my hosting support forum. I lightly edited the default theme and wanted to know what you thought of it.

My goal was to make it match the home page.

Great forum software, as a gift I leave you all the coupon below for 35% off the first invoice. Smile

Promo code: MYBB
No feedback on the custom theme?

"Anyways guys use the coupon "FREEMONTH" right away! only the first three users get free hosting."
I like the theme, but maybe you should make it more integrated with the website. Why not pay a designer to add what you missed?

Now, I have rarely ever had to say this, but imo you actually need more categories/forums. Not too many! But, sort it out a bit better. Have chatting/community stuff in one category, and support in another. Right now you've mushed it all together, not very appealing.
Thanks for the feedback, what else should I add to the theme? You just said hire a designer. Sad
We are currently sponsoring Mybb forums, free hosting for a month! just send me a PM for the promo code! Smile
Well it would be nice if your main website's design was on the forum, so it was integrated. Toungue So just pay somebody to do that?
You think I can't do it? Big Grin

Anyways guys use the coupon "FREEMONTH" right away! only the first three users get free hosting.
Keep up the feedback guys! I like to improve! Big Grin
i joined this forum

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