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Profile rating and rep be one?
I'm not totally sure on this if its already implemented or a bug. But, if I were to view my own profile, it would show on the rank is "Not yet rated". May be instead of having 2 seperate ranking system, why not just output the rep results you already have gotten in topic view.

If it's SUPPOSED to be like that already, then it's probably be a bug as I have already recieved 2 rep votes (both good) and it still says that I haven't been rated yet. Or, is there a pre-defined amount of votes before it will start saying that?
Rate me if I have helped you
I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with MyBBThemes
they are two different systems, rating and reputation.

Rating is as follows:
Number of voters [divided by] Sum of all votes [multiplied by] 100
and then 1 star every 20.0 on the users profile page (or something like that)

Reputation works as follow:
Number of rep givers = number of points
and then 1 green block every 10 good votes on the users postbit in posts (or something like that)

Rating: is for the overall users rating,
Repuatation: is based on the user liking the post the person made, eg: was it helpful or not.

Two seperate things. But I see how this can be confusing.
I would personally prefere it to be just the reputation one Smile
logue, that's why I suggested to Chris that MyBB has these two options:

- Turn reputation off globally
- Turn thread rating off globally

Peter Akkies

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