Not Solved I'm looking for a logo to be designed
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Hello, I am looking for someone to design a logo for a forum of mine. I am just not good enough, I know I won't be able to make one I like, I never really did.

If you design a logo for me, and I pick it to be the one on the website, you'll get a "present".
I am offering $5 to the "winner". It's not a paid request, it's just to say "thank you" and have a little bit more people motivated.

The sizes, colors, fonts can be anything, express yourself. Though I think it should match the theme (of course) and I like the 660x120 size (or at least the ratio).

You can read more and, most of all, see the website here: MyBB Talk

Thank you.
Not Solved
Closed on request.

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