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Your WebMaster Help Land!
Your one stop Open Source WebMaster Help Land!

[Image: yourland.png]

Come and join the growing community!
We're all for WebMasters and helping you start out you site or forum!

Also great for web masters wanting to advertise their sites.
Every week you can put your site into the draw and if it gets picked it gets a week of free banners and advertising on the site!

Hope you all join, please do as we just need a little bit more of a push to get the community off
and to a great start, although it already is!

So click on the logo or go to

See you there! [Image: yahoo.gif]
The custom forum icons looks highly distorted. Try to use some better ones.
they get distorted because the plugin I use for it only allows for .gif
Can you mention which plugin exactly? And a GIF shouldn't have such distortions. Which software do you use to convert it to Gif?
Custom Forum Icons by Jammerx2

Also, I just open then in paint and re-save them as a gif.
Paint sucks in doing those jobs
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