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Need a Custom Header to Match Wordpress Site--Atahualpa Theme
I have a website that is running Wordpress with the Atahualpa theme. I am looking for somebody who can duplicate that header for MyBB 1.6.3. Basically, I want it to look indistinguishable from the main site. Site is something like this one, but with fewer pages and no categories in the header:

I want it to work so that if I add a new page, it will either be added automatically, or at least easily. Please contact me via PM and let me know how much you would want to be paid for the work, plus how quickly you think you can do it.



Edited to add: My header does not include any drop downs, just simple page links.
If you are still loooking for someone, pm me.
Have replied via PM. Still in the process of looking. Please PM me the details (how much $, how long it will take) if you are interested.
I believe I've found somebody for the job. Thanks.
I'd be able to provide this service to you. If you are interested, please feel free to Drop me a PM to discuss further details.

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